Creative Writing Workshop for Kids

Creative Writing Workshop for Kids

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with Andrea Blake

Wednesday 8th January 2020

9.00am -  12.00pm 
(with 20 minute break for morning tea)

For upper primary school age (Years 4 - 6) 

Join Andrea this Summer for a creative caper with Pen & Paper!

Do you find creative writing extremely exciting? Love wrangling words in wonderful or weird ways? Then this wordsmith’s workout is perfect for you! Your imagination will be fired by a range of creative challenges that will have you tackling tricky word puzzles, crafting short colourful pieces and writing longer scenes inspired by the sense-sational’ surrounds of Silver Leaf.

This 3 hour workshop is targeted at very keen young writers (you’re probably also a very avid reader) who really enjoy trying creative strategies to develop ideas and would love to extend their story-writing abilities. Participants will receive plenty of personalised feedback and the activities are designed to enable everyone to stretch themselves and learn something new. You can expect to write a lot and take home a variety of pieces you’ve composed - plus a mind bursting with possibilities for future projects!

 What you need to bring:

A notebook or writing pad (if you’ve only got the wrapper from last night’s fish-n-chips, I’ll have spare paper)
Pencil or pen (or well-stocked pencil case if you never travel without one)
Energy (in the brain department) and enthusiasm (in the attitude department)


Please note: If your child has allergies or medical conditions requiring medication such as asthma puffer or epipen, Andrea will need you to ensure up-to-date medications are brought along and the management plan is supplied (as well as written permission to administer medication should it be required.) 


About Andrea (your pulchritudinous presenter)

Are you surprised to hear that Andrea dreams of dictionaries, thinks about thesauruses and is besotted by books? That’s why she loves nothing more than teaching and learning with young creative writers who might just feel the same way about words (although maybe not about the dictionary). Andrea has worked in Education for many years as a Primary teacher, a Gifted Education specialist and a Creative Writing workshop presenter. She has published a range of Teacher Resource Materials and is on a life-long quest to explore everything about the craft of writing.